Rear Wheel Holder


The Rear Wheel Holder has a Velcro strap support any different size rims. It is also a great additional product for the Crossbar to turn it to a bike rack. With the right fork mount attached to the front Crossbar, and a Rear Wheel Holder, you are able to set bike rack, without using the [...]


The TreeFrog Ski&Snowboard 626 Carrier designed to be attached to the Multiple Crossbar, which gives you quick, easy to use, and secure transportation for all types of skis and snowboards. The loading width is 62,6cm, and the loading capacity is 3 pairs skis, or 2 snowboards. The soft rubber arms grip the skis and snowboards [...]


TreeFrog unique 9x100mm quick release and 15x100mm universal fork mount is allow you to using 2 different bikes fork systems and going back and fort between the 2 most popular bike industry sizes, without changing the fork mount! If you have 2 or more bikes with 9x100mm and 15x100mm forks, our fork mount would be [...]


Lefty Fork Mount



The Boost Spacer could be a great help, if you have 2 or more bike which have 15mm thru axle systems, and you need to carry both 15x100mm and 15x110mm bikes without changing the fork mount on your bike rack! Simple insert your skewer through your fork and 15mm fork mount, then when the bike [...]