As you can see there is a few difference between the Elite and the Pro version. The Elite version has a simpler design.  The main differences between the Elite and the Pro version is a holding capacity.The Elite  bike racks comes with a single layer deck. The holding capacity for the Elite 1 bike rack is 12 kg, for the Elite 2 bike rack is 24 kg.  TreeFrog were designed the Elite version to carrying  mostly road bikes.We recommend only 9QR-15mm, 15×100 and the 12x100mm fork mounts to use for the Elite bike racks, most  mountain bikes weight more than 12 kg.

The Pro bike racks comes with a double layer deck. The holding capacity for the Pro 1 bike rack is 20 kg, for the Pro 2 bike rack is 40 kg.  TreeFrog Pro bike racks has a carrier for 3 bikes, the Pro3. With the Pro version is a lot of choose you have, we offer the following fork mounts for this version.

9QR-15×100, 15x100mm, 15x110mm 12x100mm, 20x110mm, 135x100mm

The TreeFrog Pro bike racks are able to carry ebike. With Pro 2 you can carry 1 ebike, with the version of Pro 3 you able to use it with 2 ebike. But we still recommend to remove the battery from the bike before putting it on the roof.