Owner’s Manual
Model Elite & Pro Bike Rack Series

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS: Read This Before Using TreeFrog Products

WARNING: Bikes or racks falling in the road can cause serious accidents resulting in bodily injury—do not use rack on any vehicle on which it can not be properly mounted as described in this instruction manual.
• All the TreeFrog vacuum mounts must be fully mounted completely to the metal, glass, or fibreglass surface — never attached to rubber or plastic moldings.

• Only the TreeFrog rubber vacuum mounts should be attached to the vehicle. Never use rack on trailers or on the front of vehicles.
• Never carry more weight on the rack than the bike rack maximum weight limit. Car tail lights must remain visible.

• Drive conservatively, especially over bumps. Never use off-road.
• Do not use if any part of the rack is damaged, worn, or missing. Contact to www.treefrogracks.eufor replacement parts.

Safety first

●  Clean the car mounting surface with the TreeFrog towel and the rubber vacuum pads with clean water

before mounting the rack to the vehicle.

●  Make sure that the rack’s rubber vacuum pads are fully mounted to the surface, and that all the vacuum

pumps fully seated.

●  Check the vacuum pump white indicator band during use.

●  If the rack’s vacuum cups hold full vacuum seal for at least 3 hours, do not use the rack. Do the

maintenance, and test it before use it again!

●  Lube the vacuum pumps regularly.

●  Do not use if the indicator band is exposed on any of your pumps.

●  Do not exceed the posted speed limit. Speed limits must under no circumstances exceed 130 km/h. Do not

drive over speed bumps at 25 km/h.

●  Regularly inspect screws, nuts, and bolts after every couple of use, and retighten if necessary.

●  Do not use for bicycles over 23kg with Elite 1 rack, and 25kg with Pro 1 rack. Never use bicycles over the

weight limit.

●  Make sure the fork mount quick release is fully clamped and the fork is secure before you transport your


●  TreeFrog rack system is allows you attach the rack to the sunroof. Once the rack is installed, the sunroof must not be opened

●  To avoid damage to the rear door or trunk, when the rack has been placed at the back of the vehicle, please open the trunk or the rear             door with care.

●  Only the TreeFrog rubber vacuum pads should contact the vehicle.

●  Use the protective cover when the rack not in use. CAUTION:

• Use TreeFrog racks only in accordance with local motor vehicle and traffic regulations.

• Install rack and load bicycles only at a safe distance away from moving traffic.
• Do not place a TreeFrog rack on the side of the vehicle, and do not mount bicycles sideways.

• Make sure that the rack and bicycles are kept at a safe distance from road and hot exhaust.
• Always remove the rack when not in use, and properly store it with its protective cover.




The TreeFrog rack will securely hold bicycles up to 23kg with the Elite 1 rack, and 25kg with the Pro 1 to speeds not exceeding 130km/h. You must check all the TreeFrog vacuum pumps’ white safety indicator bands on the rack before entering your car to start your journey. During your journey, check white indicator bands visually when you stop at gas stations or any resting places. The vacuum pumps’ white safety bands will indicate if the vacuum cups are not maintaining vacuum, and will extend out and become visible upon loss of vacuum. If you see the pump’s white safety indicator band, the vacuum level must be adjusted so that the white safety indicator is not visible before continuing on your journey.

• If the white indicator is becoming visible less than 3 hours after installation, please do the maintenance on all vacuum pumps, then test the rack for 24 hours prior to use!!
• We recommend returning the rack to your local dealer so that they can perform the maintenance for you.


All the bike, ski&snowboard and crossbar racks need minor assembly prior to use. The bike racks that come with 9-15x100mm universal fork mounts are not attached to the bike rack deck. Place the fork mount over the mounting holes in the deck and secure it with the hardware and the tool set that came with the rack. Check the fork mount when you place your bike on the rack for the first time, and make sure the fork mount does not move when pressure is applied.


NOTE – There are 2 curved holes on the Model Pro 2 and 3 decks that allow you flexibility in positioning the fork mounts to avoid wider handlebars hitting each other.

What’s in the box: Model Elite 1 and Pro 1 Bike Racks

  • ●  Bike rack deck with 3 TreeFrog vacuum mounts attached
  • ●  9-15x100mm universal fork mount with hardware
  • ●  Rear wheel holder with Velcro strap
  • ●  Tool set with 4mm allen wrench and 10mm open wrench
  • ●  Silicone lube
  • ●  Cleaning rag
  • ●  Cleaning bottle
  • ●  Crank strap to secure the crank to the frame

    What’s in the box: Model Elite 2 and Pro 2 Bike Racks

  • ●  Bike rack deck with 4 TreeFrog vacuum mounts attached
  • ●  2 9-15x100mm universal fork mounts with hardware
  • ●  2 rear wheel holder with Velcro straps
  • ●  Tool set with 4mm allen wrench and 10mm open wrench
  • ●  Silicone lube
  • ●  Cleaning rag
  • ●  Cleaning bottle
  • ●  2 crank straps to secure the cranks to the frames

    What’s in the box: Model Pro 3 Bike Rack

● Bike rack deck with 4 TreeFrog vacuum mounts attached

  • ●  3 pieces 9-15x100mm universal fork mounts with hardware
  • ●  3 rear wheel holder with Velcro straps
  • ●  Tool set with 4mm allen wrench and 10mm open wrench
  • ●  Silicone lube
  • ●  Cleaning rag
  • ●  Cleaning bottle
  • ●  3 crank straps to secure the cranks to the frames

    Mounting TreeFrog Rack

  • ●  All the bike rack decks with the fork mounts, MUST be placed at the front of the car with the rear wheel holder(s) at the back. NEVER mount the bike rack sideways, and NEVER mount the rear wheel holder at the front!
  • ●  Always position the bike rack close to the front edge of the roof, or to the front or back windshield and close to the side of the roof, where the roof has more internal support. Some cars’ metal roofs may not be strong enough in the middle to support bikes that are close to the weight limit.
  • ●  All TreeFrog bike rack decks are designed to follow the curvature of any car’s roof. We recommend you first attach one of the cups to one side of the car and secure the first and second vacuum cups, and then go to the other side and use the deck as leverage to attach the next vacuum cup until the last one has been secured.
  • ●  Clean the surface where the rack’s vacuum cup will be mounted with the TreeFrog soft rag that came with the rack. Then, remove the protective cover, and moisten the bottom edge of the cups with water only before you mount the rack. Next press the vacuum down to make sure the edge of the cup is connected and start pumping the air out until the white safety indicator band is no longer visible. Continue this process until all vacuum cups are secure.
  • ●  If the plunger will not stay seated and the pump’s white safety indicator band becomes visible immediately after pumping, inspect the rubber vacuum pad for damage or clean the mounting surface and vacuum cup again. If the problem isn’t solved after these basic steps, please do basic maintenance on the pump using the silicone lube that was supplied with the rack. Do NOT use your rack without solving the problem!
  • ●  Attaching a rack to a sunroof is done at your own risk, and we strongly recommend that you test the strength and suitability of your sunroof first. Do not open the sunroof if the rack or the rear wheel holder vacuum cups are too close to the sunroof or if any vacuum cup has been attached to the sunroof if any vacuum cup has been attached to the sunroof.
  • ●  After you mount the rack to the surface, please remove the bike’s front wheel. Place the fork dropouts onto the TreeFrog fork mount and secure it with the quick release by clamping it the same way you would your front wheel. Before you secure the rear wheel, make sure the fork is fully secure. Then, placing the rear wheel holder under the rear tire, secure the rear wheel with the Velcro strap.
  • ●  You are not required to use the Rear Wheel Strap when hanging your bicycle from the back glass.
  • ●  All TreeFrog products can be used in rain,low temperatures, and at high altitudes.CAUTION:
  • ●  Never put water on the vacuum cups when the weather temperature could go below 0 Celsius!
  • ●  In low temperatures, the rubber vacuum pads may become stiffer. When removing your rack, please store it

    at room temperature (or at least above 15 Celsius) before remounting it.

  • ●  During winter make sure the surface is dry and free of ice before mounting the rack.

    Mounting TreeFrog Rack

  • ●  To remove your bike, first open the Velcro strap and make sure both ends are fully separated from each other before you open the quick release and unclamp the fork.
  • ●  After you have removed your bike, simply lift up the vacuum cup anywhere around its edge to break the vacuum seal.
  • ●  When you have removed all the vacuum cups, please put the protective cover back.NOTE – Never place or store the rack on the rubber vacuum cups without protective covers!

Regular Checking and Pump Maintenance

Keep the vacuum cups clean, and always store them with the protective green covers. Please use the soft TreeFrog rag that came with the product and clean the vacuum pads with water before each use. If you observe any dirt on the vacuum pad, please remove it with soapy water and the soft TreeFrog rag.
Please check all the screws and hardware regularly to make sure they haven’t come loose during previous use. Tighten the housing to the vacuum pad, and the deck to the vacuum cup screws, and the fork mount screws and bolts if necessary.

Regardless of how many times the rack has been used, you must perform maintenance on the vacuum pumps if one of the pump’s white safety bands appear less than 3 hours after the vacuum cup has been mounted and pumped to full strength. We also recommend, after the rack not has been used for a long period of time, or before the cycling or ski season starts, and you would like to use the rack regularly again, please test the rack on your car and check how long the vacuum pumps hold a seal before the white safety band appears. Before cycling or ski season start is the best time to perform maintenance and get your rack ready for the season!

To perform maintenance on the pump, simply grab the pump’s white indicator and pull the plunger straight out from the cylinder. Clean the cylinder inside with a lightly wet paper towel. After you have cleaned the cylinder inside, please wipe it with a dry paper towel. Next, clean the head of the plunger and the rubber O-ring. You must re-lube the rubber O-ring with a thin layer of silicone gel that came with the rack, and push the plunger back to the cylinder.

After you have finished these maintenance steps, the pump should move back and forth freely and smoothly. Please test all the rack’s vacuum cups by placing them on your car or any glass surface for the next 20-24 hours. If the white safety band does not appear, you these maintenance steps, may use your rack. If the white safety band appears, please repeat the maintenance steps until the pump performs well.

NOTE – Any damaged hardware, pumps or vacuum pads must be replaced. All replacement parts are available at

– We are also offering free maintenance to all TreeFrog customers. Simply ship the product back to our service center, and we only charge for the any necessary replacement parts.
To take advantage of this free maintenance option, please email us at


The Guarantee will cover any defect or damage affecting your TreeFrog product for 2 years from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. Guarantee gives you specific legal rights. It does not affect any statutory rights that you have as the purchaser of a defective product. Guarantee does not cover defects resulting from conditions beyond TreeFrog’s control. These include, but are not limited to, misuse, overloading, or from failure to assemble, mount or use the product or its accessories in accordance with TreeFrog’s written instructions, guidelines, and safety text. Nor does it cover damage to the user’s vehicle, electronic devices, cargo, or to any other person or property.

TreeFrog European distributor reserves the right to:

  • ●  Repair the item falling under the terms of the guarantee
  • ●  Replace the item if the damage or defect cannot be repaired
  • ●  Offer a similar product of comparable value, or refund the price paid, if we cannot replace with the same



    The TreeFrog warranty applies to products and accessories produced by TreeFrog and sold to the original purchaser under the brand name TreeFrog. The warranty covers defects in materials or workmanship and, depending on the type of product, applies up to 2 years from the date of the original retail purchase. Subject to the limitations and exclusions described in this warranty, TreeFrog remedies defects in materials or workmanship during the warranty period by repairing or replacing the defective component(s) without charge for parts or labour.